Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your

Welcome to the world of Dilara Design. As Dilara Design, we provide you with high-quality, customised, environmentally-friendly, hand-crafted as well as mechanically produced and most importantly – beautiful – packaging.



The giving and receiving of gifts is a sacred ritualistic practice that has been around since the first humans roamed across this planet. To surprise others with gifts makes us happy; to witness the faces of the ones we love lighting up with emotion when they see a box ready to be opened, truly makes the entire experience of unboxing magical. 


We believe that opening a box, a package, a gift is magical. It is a doorway to another world; a return to the present moment.


We all love unboxing something special that has been given to us; we cherish moments like these. What makes the experience of unwrapping a closed box even more valuable, is the sensation caused by unique and beautiful packaging. Our senses awaken when we see different colours, shapes and textures; curious excitement fills our bodies. Wide-eyed, we wonder “what’s inside this box?” We pause and take a deep breath, often smile, before we seek to see what has been hidden within.


If the packaging is beautiful; the process becomes beautiful too. We respect the process of “unboxing” and slowly savour the moment. The package, through the process of unwrapping, truly becomes a moment to remember— a memory. Maybe we even decide to keep the packaging, because it sparks inspiration. It transforms from simple packaging into a memoir, an artefact to be placed on display within our homes.


For us, packaging is not just something to be opened and thrown away.

For us, the outside of the gift is just as important as the inside, the content of the gift itself.

For us, the entire experience of gift-giving is part of a whole sacred ritual.


That is why, as Dilara Design, we provide you with the whole package; a process to create and design your own unique packaging to represent you and your brand.


We pave the way for you to create a touch of magic in someone’s life.


These are some with whom we had the pleasure of working. Do you want to be the next?