The Unboxing Experience (And why does it matter to your customers?)

According to Shipbob’s “Create The Best Unboxing Experience: Build Brand Loyalty Through Packaging Experiences” blog post, unboxing “refers to the act of unpacking a box or product packaging. The unboxing experience is the memorable interaction a customer has when first unboxing a product for the first time”. We loved reading this blog post because it truly summarizes the reason why the unboxing experience matters whilst providing the best examples to be able to build this for your company. It also discusses more practical implications such as the cost of custom packaging.


Bigcommerce, in its own blog entry “The Unboxing Experience Goes from Differentiator to Must-Have: What Ecommerce Brands Need to Know” mentions a study from 2013 that “found that attractive packaging stimulates the reward-seeking areas of the brain…” And isn’t that exactly what we experience when we see an original, pretty, sparkly package somewhere? It makes us want to buy that product more as opposed to when we see a sloppy cardboard box with nothing special to it. Bigcommerce delves into how to make this possible for your brand, whilst Sufio, in its “How To Create The Perfect Unboxing Experience For Your Online Store” sums up the importance of branded packaging, how packaging itself can lead to free marketing, and build brand loyalty.


For more ideas to build the perfect unboxing experience for your brand, check out these articles: “The art of unboxing: Five companies with the best packaging experience”, “How to Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience for Your Customers”, “How to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers”, and finally “The art of unboxing: five companies providing the best packaging experience”. What about you? Tell us about your own techniques or your own personal experiences in the comments below.

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