The Importance of Packaging

Why is packaging so important in this day and age? Well, first impressions matter! And this is made clear in the article by Packaging Strategies, “In Packaging First Impressions Matter” where it states that “a national study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board shows that 7 in 10 (72 percent) of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision.” In the blog post “The Importance of Product Packaging in Consumer Sales”, it is made clear that not only is the packaging important to sway consumers from buying your product or not, but in the long-run, the importance a company places on packaging can end up becoming the backbone of its marketing and communication strategy; this in turn can create customer and brand loyalty.


“The Importance of Packaging & Branding in Marketing” further discusses the importance of packaging, stating that packaging is what can lead to that extra “wow factor” for your brand. If customers see that you are going an extra mile by providing them with a thank you card, colourful textured packaging, a little something “ extra special”, they will more likely recommend your brand to others too. It makes a difference when your packaging creates the feeling of looking “like a gift, rather than any other item purchased online.”


Of course we must not forget the practical implications of packaging too—essentially, packaging is there to protect the product inside; yet an attractive packaging can truly grab your attention on the supermarket aisle or whilst browsing online shops amongst thousands of other products. This is discussed in the blog “The Importance of Product Packaging”, where it is also further mentioned that “when designing product packaging many brands conduct extensive research into the wants and needs of consumers to ensure their packaging is attractive and compelling.” All in order to stand out from the crowd! What do you think? Do you have some good examples for product packaging? Please share your ideas with us in the comments section below

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