Our aim is to co-create and co-design the best possible packaging according to your needs. For this, we work together with you every step of the way through six simple phases. Through unleashing our joint creative powers, we can not only have fun whilst creating but produce the best possible packaging to represent your brand. Below you can find the entire process laid out for you. Remember, if you have any questions regarding the process as a whole, the individual phases below, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Consultation & Project Development

In order to understand your packaging and sales needs in the best possible way, we first organise an initial meeting to discuss how we can best formulate this joint project together. Our experts advise you with regards to our packaging strategy, and from thereon they remain at your disposal throughout the whole process from start to finish.

Structural Engineering & Design

If you cannot find a suitable product amongst our portfolio, our engineers get to work to design and create the skeleton for an entire new packaging product from scratch. We customise our packaging according to your needs. No matter how simple or complex, our engineers provide the most cost-effective and effective packaging solutions to satisfy your requests.

Artwork & Visual Design

In the case you do not have the support of a visual designer, we work together with our own visual designers to produce the best packaging designs based upon your brand value and sales strategies. Moreover, our graphic designers are always at hand to offer unique packaging options for special days and seasonal holidays. In the cases where you have your own visual designs, our own designers work to flawlessly print your designs on to your specially designed packages, and help with any revisions necessary.

3D Mockup & Prototyping

After the consultation, structural design of the packaging and visual design phases, we are ready to create 3D mockups (full-size models) of your product. This way, we can make any necessary changes you would like to see as swiftly as possible so that we may move on to the production phase. If requested, we can create additional physical mockups for you too. Thus, you are able to touch, feel and sense the entirety of your product with all its details and see if it is right for you. There are no limits!

Prepress & Manufacturing

After we complete the pre-production phase through presenting you with the 3D mockup of your product and after you are completely satisfied with your packaging design, we can now move on to the production phase in our factory. The production of your packaging is completed entirely in our own facility. We produce our packages to the highest quality industry standard, and go through a diligent quality control process regularly. All products must be completely perfect.


Finally, after the production of your products, we are ready to send them your way! We can send all of our products worldwide through any method that works for you and your company. Furthermore, our team of expertise keeps a close eye on the entire process in order to resolve any problems that may arise and find fast, effective solutions. You are kept up to date throughout the journey of your package production and delivery, all so that your uniquely designed packaging reaches its desired destination as soon as possible.