Our Process

Together we can create magic.

Our aim is to work together with you to create and design the best possible packaging for your unique needs. By combining our creative powers on this journey, we can have fun whilst creating the perfect solution to represent your brand.

From initial idea to final delivery, we work with you every step of the way through our six-step process.


We will sit down with you to understand your packaging needs and sales objectives. Our experts will advise you on our process and timelines and will discuss design, materials, and formatting options with you.

Price Quote

Once we are aligned on a concept, we will provide you with a detailed price quote that reflects the options you have chosen.

Engineering & Design

If you cannot find a suitable product amongst our portfolio, our engineers get to work to design and create the structure from scratch. We provide you with multiple options for your feedback, and then prepare the final designs and dielines.

If you do not have the support of a visual designer, we can work with our own graphic designers to produce an artwork to best reflect your brand values and sales strategies.


We will create mockups and prototypes (full-size models) of your product and test the prototypes for fit and durability. If requested, we can send these prototypes to you or directly to your client so you can perform your own tests. You will be able to touch, feel, and sense your product with all its details to see if it is right for you. If further changes or fine-tuning are required, we will make the necessary adjustments.


Production of your packaging is completed entirely in our own factory. This includes obtaining all the needed raw materials and completing all the stages of printing, polishing, applying added elements, cutting, assembling, and packing. We produce our packaging to the highest quality industry standards and undertake a diligent quality control process.

Logistics & Distribution

Finally, the products are ready to be sent your way. We can distribute all our products worldwide. Our logistics department will discuss the best transportation options that work for you and your company. Our team carefully tracks the entire process and keeps you updated at every step, from the moment the shipment leaves our facilities until it is successfully delivered.