Packaging design trends in 2020

2020 has truly been a life-changing year for all of us. With the sudden impact of coronavirus worldwide, so many of us have had our lives uprooted. A lot of us have had to work from home, and most of us have had to change our daily habits from buying groceries to cleaning our hands incessantly…During this time, we have seen an increasing trend in people turning to buy products from their local communities as well as people turning to buy more items online. Online shopping involves the entire experience of being able to potentially see the design of the packaging for the item you want to buy for yourself or for others. So, what packaging design trends are catching the most attention during this testing time?


According to The News Trace’s “9 Hot Packaging Trends for 2020” piece that came out in August, these trends are minimalism, eco-friendly packaging, transparent food and drink packaging, iridescent colours, earth-inspired design, retro looks, pastels, intricate detail, and finally, non-traditional package design. Packaging Digest has a few other ideas regarding the best packaging trends for 2020 in its piece “5 Branding and Packaging Trends 2020”, including sustainable packaging, transparency with consumers, sophistication, consistency, and finally being tech-centric. We also loved reading 99 Designs blog post “Packaging design trends” regarding the predictions it had for this year 9 months ago. If you take a look at Design Rush’s article “22 Best Creative Packaging Design Ideas Of 2020”, you can see a lot of these trends at play.


It seems that the importance of the environment, as well as transparency with customers, seems to be some of the top picks of 2020. So, what are your favourite packaging design trends in 2020? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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