We believe the act of unboxing is an experience to be savoured. 


We all love the anticipation of opening a box, unveiling its secrets, imagining the story that’s yet to be revealed. We treasure the moment, delight in the visual and tactile pleasure of the packaging*, intrigued by the possibilities hidden within.

At Dilara, these delightful moments and experiences are what inspire us. From our roots as a small Swiss company creating luxury chocolate packaging, we have grown to become one of the most preferred bespoke production houses in Europe.


The creation of our initial luxury chocolate packaging inspired us to explore further and focus on increasing our portfolio to the packaging of various chocolate, baked goods and confectionary goods. Due to the diligent design of our hand-crafted boxes, we soon became front runners in the sector, being recognised for our attention to detail and preciseness.


Quality is in our heritage


Dilara creates hand-crafted, custom-tailored, and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for clients who seek high-quality options that uniquely represent their company and elevate their brand.

For us, packaging is not just something to be opened and thrown away. We consider what’s on the outside as equally important as what’s contained within. 

Combining the attention to detail of our Swiss heritage with a customer-first approach that has long been our fundamental mission, we are committed to helping you create a unique solution that puts your brand in the very best light.


Solutions for any challenge


We believe every product deserves the best packaging possible. No matter the quantity you require, no matter the unique challenges you need to solve, we can help you create a custom solution that gives your product that special touch and provides the magic we’re all looking for. 

We do not want our customers to stress over minimum order quantities – with us there are none. Whatever the size of your job, you shouldn’t have to worry about taking on the challenge yourself. Leave it to us. We want you to be able to focus on your vision, as we focus on ours.

Our team is there with you every step of the way. Whatever your packaging needs, we can help you open up a world of possibilities.